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About The Accessible Life

Making Architecture Work for You

The Accessible Life is a website dedicated to exploring ideas and exchanging information regarding Universal Design in residential settings. In response to our loss of mobility many of us have have successfully made adaptations to our homes, thereby restoring our independence. The Accessible Life provides a forum for people to share their solutions with those who’ve yet to discover the possibilities afforded the mobility-impaired when incorporating Universal Design principles into residential settings.

Whether from injury or old age, as our bodies begin to fail us, we need to make adaptations to our built environments. The old paradigm of residential design no longer works for aging seniors, wounded warriors, paraplegics, quadriplegics and others suffering a loss of their mobility.

As stated on the website for A Friendly House, “We all want to live independently.  Too often frail seniors, children with mobility issues or wounded veterans find themselves in institutions because their homes are not supportive of their physical challenges. We believe our houses should support rather than handicap us. To that end, this site is dedicated to showcasing the best accessibly designed spaces and promoting universal design as the default in the way we build.”

Mission Statement

The mission of The Accessible Life is to improve the lives of others by demonstration, education, and example on how Universal Design in residential environs eliminates barriers and provides the mobility-impaired a life of relative ease, comfort, safety, and independence.

Open Invitation to Submit Your Project/Solution

The site is designed as a forum for the exchange of ideas. Many people will be retrofitting their existing homes. No matter how small or limited your solution may be to you, it could mean the world to someone else struggling with the problem youʼve solved. Weʼre all in this together. Submit your project/solution here.