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As I began pondering the validity of writing about Universal Design in residential settings, it was reassuring to find recent periodicals covering the topic. In the August, 2011 issue of Holmes Magazine, Lisa Higgins writes an insightful five page article, including photographs, in which she explores the notion of “Built Without Barriers.” I found the article brief but broad as she covers a wide range of subjects — all worthy of consideration when contemplating universal design options.

Since Holmes Magazine is no longer in publication and their archival content is not available online, download this pdf to read the full article or take a quick browse via the gallery below (although the text may be a bit small to read).


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  1. James TroutApril 7, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    In Missouri, Our UD coalition is close to seeing statewide incentives for UD in both single family existing homes and for new condo developments.
    2 deficits in our homework to date: documenting the costs that UD add (vs offsetting asset value), particularly for new construction; and naming the minimum performance or specification principles that should be required of each. Ideas?