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Master Bedroom

Essentially it’s a two story (three including basement), two bedroom, two bath 2,600sf open floor plan (loft like) home. The master bedroom is open, airy, and integrated into the second floor master suite. The guest bedroom is private and secluded just off the dining room on the first floor.

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Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom (detail)

2nd Floor Master Suite

Master Bedroom

  • Queen size Tempur-Pedic mattress easily accessible
  • Metal lattice headboard is attractive yet allows paraplegic something to grasp
  • Half wall room divider separates staircase & elevator from bedroom

Master Bedroom

  • No.2 white oak wide plank hardwood floor w/ heavy mahogany stain
  • Vaulted ceilings w/ floating maple panels & exposed beams
  • Love seat along east wall
  • Antique armoire (storing linens)
  • Casement windows that crank open
  • Queen size bed w/ Metal lattice headboard
  • Ample room for wheelchair transfer into bed

Master Bedroom (detail)

  • Casement windows allow me to open & close all the operable windows in the house

2nd Floor Master Suite

Bedroom is open to 2nd floor office and living space

  • Includes (L to R) L-shaped desk, standing rame, elevator/stairwell, master bedroom, sofa sitting area


While individually different, much of the success of the bedrooms is do to their creative use of space and the flow of the rooms.

Second Floor Master Suite

The second floor master suite continues the loft-like open floor plan found on the first floor. There is no attic so the vaulted cathedral ceiling spans upwards of 20’ feet. The master suite contains the bedroom, informal living room and the home office/study in one integrated space. There’s a half wall that functions to define the stairwell/elevator and the bedroom. The roof of the house is made of a solid SIPS panel. The ceiling is comprised of hanging sheets of maple veneer which appear to float. Vaulted ceilings draw attention to themselves and require architectural detail/expression.


The master bedroom anchors the north side of the second floor. Its composition is that of a typical bedroom including a queen size bed with matching end tables and lamps on either side, an armoire in the corner and a love seat against the adjacent wall. All the windows which open in the house are casement windows which crank open. The window treatment is a simple Roman blind affair that covers the lower 2/3’s of the window.

Video & Informal Dining

The informal living room area is defined by an area rug in front of large 108” sofa, a round end table and a reclining chair all facing some built-in cabinetry. Floating above the cabinetry is a wall mounted Yamaha surround sound speaker and a Sony flat screen television. Included in the cabinetry on the far left is a refrigerator with an ice maker. Separated from this cabinetry by a window is a substantial wet bar with an electric kettle. The idea is once upstairs, I don’t have to return to the kitchen down stairs for refreshments, winter or summer.

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