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Photo by rioncm via flickr

Disability precludes us from some vocations, but with a little creativity and good deal of ingenuity we can find ways to reengage our passions. A friend of mine passed along this copy of the September 2011 issue of Better Homes and Gardens’ “Wood” magazine in which a CH-47 Chinook flight engineer survived a crash with a spinal cord injury yet went on to build an accessible wood shop. Irrespective of his confinement to a wheelchair, Chuck Isaacson went on to pursue his passion in wood work.

I found the article both informative and inspiring. You might think something as hands-on as working in a wood shop out of reach for someone confined to a wheelchair. Not so in Chuck’s case. The article is well written and contains close to 20 photographs of Chuck working in his shop. Examples such as these model for the rest of us what’s possible. We can extrapolate from his solutions ways in which we, too, can work around barriers and restore our independence.

Read the full article here.


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